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We specialise in growing & supplying wild flower plants, plugs, bulbs, wildlife pond plants,  seeds & meadow mixes to most of the UK & Northern Ireland.  We only supply species which are of native British origin or which have been widely naturalised for many years in Britain.

In The Green Bulbs
"In The Green" Bulbs

Individual Seeds
Seed Packets

Native British Wild Flowers
Wild Flower Shop - What's New 2017!

Wild Flower Bulbs ‘In the Green’ most varieties available from beginning of February including freshly lifted Bluebells, Snowdrops, Wild Garlic & others.
Native Hedging & Trees - cell grown native hedgerow species & trees available for planting all year round. 
Wild Flower Plug Plants - most varieties available now: 
Individual Plug Plants  - or choose a suitable
Plug Collection - for your garden.
Bee Plant & Seed Collections - to buy bee friendly wild flower plants,  seeds & meadow mixes and attract bees to your garden:
Bee Plug PlantsBee Seed Collections or
Butterfly & Bee Meadow Mixes or Wildlife Collecns
Create a Wild Flower Meadow - wild flower seed selections
Wild Flower Seed Mixes - (100% wild flower seed)
Meadow Mixes - (wild flower &  grass) to create a meadow
Individual Seed Packets - (single species packs).
Pond Plants - will be sent out from late March/April, but most varieties will be sent out from mid May onwards.

Fresh Yellow Rattle Seeds will be available again from August 2017, but can be ordered now. Yellow Rattle, once established, reduces the vigour of grasses in a wild flower meadow. It needs a period of cold to germinate and so sow before end of December for best results.
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Oxeye Daisy
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Native wild flowers
Plant Collections
Seed Collections
Seed Collections
Native British Wildflowers
Individual Plugs
Pond Plants
Pond Plants 
Native wild flowers
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Plant Collections
Native British Wild Flowers
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Pond Plants
Pond Plants 
Native British Wild Flowers
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Pond Collections
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Pond plants
Pond Collections

Native British Wildflowers
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Yellow Rattle
Fresh Yellow Rattle

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